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5 Reasons Selling A Home Now Makes Sense!

Massachusetts Homes For SaleMany Massachusetts home owners are currently waiting until Spring to put their home on the market. The thought process usually involves traditional thinking that everything always looks best when the grass is green and flowers are in bloom. A home will surely be easier to sell if that is the case correct? This of course is true but your competition will also be using the same logic. Every year a ton of people will wait until Spring to put their home up for sale. All at once there will be a massive influx of housing hitting the Massachusetts Multiple listing service. In the Metrowest Massachusetts area there are compelling reason why now is the time to get your home ready sooner rather than later! Here are five reasons why you should list your Massachusetts home for sale now!

Home Inventory at Record Lows

The inventory of homes for sale all around the Metrowest Boston area have dropped substantially over the last six months. The amount of homes for sale in most communities have fallen to lows we have not seen for many years! When home inventory levels drop home prices tend to rise. This will become even more prevalent in a popular neighborhood where buyer competition is high. Through out many Massachusetts towns this Spring there are more than likely going to be bidding wars. We have already started to see this trend on homes hitting the market now.

Demand is Up

Contrary to what some people may think there are lots of buyer's out in the market place right now looking for a home. Some are first time buyer's who are looking for a place to build some equity. There are others who see an opportunity to "move up" in the market as home prices have dropped substantially since the market peak in 2005.

Renting vs Buying

In many areas the cost of renting vs buying a home has become the same and in some cases it is actually cheaper to buy a home. Rents in many locales have steadily increased over the last 5-7 years while home prices have dropped.  If you factor in the potential benefits of building equity and some tax breaks with home ownership, you can see why it might make sense for some who have plans to stay in one spot for the long term.

Interest Rates Going Up

Interest rates are at record lows at the moment and most economists predict they won't stay that way for too much longer into the foreseeable future. While interest rates are not predicted to move up dramatically, even time they inch up a half a point they can knock out a percentage of first time home buyer's out of the market. The first time buyer's fuel the rest of the market like dominoes.

New Construction Coming Back

In some Massachusetts communities builders are starting to get back into the fray. When builders are actively building homes it becomes harder for some who are selling their used homes to compete. There are many that will jump at the chance to have a shiny new home with all the bells and whistles customized to their specific needs. In summary if there are no time constraints on your part you should consider moving up your time frame for putting your home up for sale. Some of the towns West of Boston that have been really hot and have an extreme shortage of housing include Hopkinton, Framingham, and Franklin. Each of these communities are quite different from one another but all share the commonality of being hot places to live. If you happen to live in the Metrowest area and are considering selling your home, you may be one step ahead of the competition by going ahead now!  

Are you considering purchasing a home somewhere in the Franklin Massachusetts area and would love to find new construction but have found that it is not in your budget? If this is the case you need to come and check out the newly listed home at 8 Flintlocke Road in Franklin Massachusetts! A builder purchased the home and has gone in and completely remodeled the place from top to bottom. 8 Flintlocke Road, Franklin, MA 02038             There is an extensive list of work that has been completed including a new roof, windows, heating and cooling. The interior has had a complete make over including a new kitchen, new baths, new floors and painted throughout. For much more detail on this Franklin home you can visit this link: http://www.maxrealestateexposure.com/8-flintlocke-road-franklin-ma-02038/  where you will see detailed descriptions, some interior photos, along with a Google map that shows the exact location of the property. The home is listed at $400,000.

Franklin MA Real EstateFranklin Massachusetts is conveniently located off of Route 495 in Norfolk County. Franklin enjoys an ideal location as it is easy to get just about anywhere including Boston, Cape Cod and Providence. There are two exits to get on and off the highway including Route 140 and King Street. The proximity to such large urban centers combined with a good school system has made Franklin a popular destination town for those looking for a place to call home. An added bonus that Franklin enjoys is the benefit of having the train that goes right into Boston. A number of residents who work in Boston use the train on a daily basis to avoid the morning commute along 495 and the Mass Pike. You will find the convenience of a major shopping center in Franklin that features a Super Stop and Shop along with multiple restaurants located along Route 140. Franklin is one of the few communities in this part of Massachusetts that still has a fair amount of new housing stock still being built. You will find both condominium and single family new construction developments. There are ample younger developments which is one of the desirable factors leading home buyer to choose Franklin as their final landing spot. To learn more about Franklin including information on real estate, schools, demographics, restaurants and more see Franklin MA Info. Just further North on 495 you will also find a few other communities worth checking out. If you are budget conscious and want more home for your money, Milford would be a good choice. One of the premiere destination towns in the area with top rated schools, closer proximity to Boston and top notch neighborhoods would be Hopkinton. Both of these towns are radically different from one other with Milford having a much bigger commercial base and Hopkinton having a much more "country" feel to it. If you are interested in other towns in the general area and have not settled on a specific town yet then take a peek at Maximum Real Estate Exposure where you will find tons of local real estate information on local communities throughout the Metrowest Massachusetts area including market reports, town profiles, as well as pointers on buying and selling a home.